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Part 1: Listen and Read: Read along with the audio recording.

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In my free time, I really like surfing the Internet. When I get home from work, I turn on my computer, wait until it boots up completely, and then I go online. I still have a dial-up connection, but I'm switching to a broadband Internet service soon. It costs more a month, but Webpages load faster with a high-speed connnection, and I can upload and download files quicker. I usually check my email first and write a few messages first to family and friends. I sometimes scan the local news headlines at my favorite news Website and read up on the latest local and international news. This Website often provides video news clips that you can view online. I sometimes order products or service online to save money and time instead of going to a store and buying what I'm looking for. For example, I ordered a digital camera online the other day and saved about $50. Whatever I do, I realize that there are problems with using the Internet including scams, identify theft, and viruses, so I'm very careful not to give out my personal information. Furthermore, I don't download or open files I don't recognize. Using the Internet can be fun and convenient way of shopping and finding out new information, but you just need to be careful.

Part 2: Discussion

Come up with a short list of reasons for and against the use of the Internet in our daily lives. Organize your ideas from the strongest argument to the weakest, and then summarize your ideas. Make sure your ideas are based on fact and not just personal opinion.

Part 3: Online Investigation

Finding good Websites is sometimes more difficult than you think because there are so many of them out there. Now, use the Internet to find one Website you would recommend for each of these situations:

  • an online dictionary to help you find definitions and sample sentences
  • a service that allows you to create online photo albums of your pictures
  • an online directory of newspapers from around the world in English
  • a service that allows to make your own Webpage

Part 4: Online Listening Practice (from


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