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Part I: Listen and Read

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In my free time, I really enjoy watching movies with my friends or alone at my house. In most cases, I drop by a local movie rental shop and rent a few DVDs for the evening. Before I rent a movie, I usually read some reviews to find out what critics think about the movie. I recently joined an online movie rental club, and the company delivers the movies directly to my house. However, if I go to a movie theater, I try to arrive a few minutes early so I get a good seat. I generally like to watch science fiction or classic movies; I can't stand horror movies. I really like movies with a good story line, great acting, and realistic special effects.

Part II: Discussion

Would you rather watch a movie at home or go to a movie theater? Give at least three reasons for your answer.

Part III: Online Investigation

Many online movie rental companies offer DVD and movie rentals. However, it's sometimes difficult to tell which company provides the best service. Compare two of these companies and try to find user reviews on how people feel about their experiences with these companies.

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