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Part 1: Listen and Read

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I really enjoy listening to music because it helps me relax and takes my mind away from other cares of the day. Personally, I really like jazz music because of its musical rhythms and soothing beat. There are several stations on the radio that play this type of music. Other times, I enjoy listening to country and western music. Some of the lyrics to these songs are inspirational and moving. Occasionally, I listen to classic rock or classical music, but I can't stand heavy metal or rap music. When I'm on the road, I either tune my radio to a favorite station, or I listen to music on my MP3 player. I've downloaded hundreds of songs to my player, so it's easy to search and play my favorite music. When I get home, I turn on my stereo system, crank up the volume, and enjoy the music.

Part 2: Discussion

What kinds of music do you enjoy? Who are some of your favorite artists and why do you like their music? When do you usually listen to music?

Part 3: Online Investigation

Traditional cassettee tapes are quickly being replaced my audio CDs, but what is the future for music players like iPods? Do you think mp3 players will replace CDs? What is the cost comparison between a CD player and an MP3 player? Are there advantages to both? Search the Internet for both a typical CD player and MP3 player. Compare their features and cost and discuss what you think might be the future for both.

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