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Part I: Listen and Read: Read along with the audio recording.

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The new school semester just started, and I need some supplies for my classes. First, I have to buy six textbooks, but they are so expensive, so I might buy the textbooks online if they are available. I also need to pick up a good dictionary and thesaurus to help me improve my writing in my English classes. I also have to read three novels. For my math and physics classes, I need a calculator, and I have to buy several notebooks and 3-ring binders to organize my homework and assignments. I also will buy some color pens and a yellow highlighter to mark important points in my textbooks. However, if my textbooks are in good condition at the end of the semester, I might be able to return them for a partial refund.

Part II: Vocabulary Exercise

Now, review the bold vocabulary above by trying this quiz. Then, return back to this page for speaking practice.

Part III: Discussion

What are things you have to buy every semester at a typical college in your area and how much does a student pay on school supplies? Do students usually pay for these expenses on their own, through college loans, or with the help of parents?

Part IV: Role Play

You are in the bookstore trying to find supplies before the start of your classes tomorrow (English Writing 101, Beginning Writing, Speech and Debate, and TOEFL). Ask a clerk to help you find the books and any other supplies you might need.

Part V: Online Investigation

Buying books at a traditional bookstore can be very expensive, so many students are turning to buying textbooks online. However, how much can students really save? Price a book you are interested in buying at a bookstore near you and then check the price of the same book online. How much can you save? Can you buy the book cheaper if it is used?

Part VI: Online Listening Practice - From Randall's Other Web Sites

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