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Interviewer: Can you tell me some of the frustrations you've experienced at different airports . . . uh?

Woman: Well, I know the last time I flew . . . um . . . I think the most frustrating part was the long security lines because it's a really crowded airport, and it just took forever to get through the line, and I didn't . . . you know . . . I mean it's just annoying.

Interviewer: Well, are these some things that the airport can handle, or is it something that passengers can do to . . . you know . . . minimize these issues?

Well . . . um . . . I think there's . . .uh . . . that airport is really crowded. It has a problem because they just don't have the space to build more facilities. They need . . . you know . . . and they've talked about that. They acknowledge that it's a real problem. I know for us the last time we flew, my husband . . . um . . . he got delayed at work, and so we were really pressed for time, and so it was pretty stressful making sure we got through in time.

The airport needs to somehow come up with the funds to expand so that they have room to make additional lines to get through security. And as passengers, you just need to get there really early because once in a while, the lines aren't bad, but sometimes they're really bad, and you never know what you can expect, so you just have to get there early

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